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Whether I am trying to come up with the perfect concept for an art project, doing a pull, or styling, my mind is always consistently screwy. I've decided to intensify this screwiness by doing an artist/stylist mashup to merge my two worlds. No one ever said there was anything wrong with a wedge inspired by Picasso. A frequent post comparing an outfit to a masterpiece? Hell yes.

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Deja vous a la RTW

There has been an obvious trend of huge luxurious furs on the Runway, all of which PETA has probably had several continuous seizures over but what else has been rocking the runways?  What else have the models been making me really jealous look sassy frassy?

Note: trends do and can cross over. Just don’t make that your goal. Or else you are to look like an idiot fo sho.


Maurizio Pecararo, Roksanda Ilincic, No. 21

As colorful as a freshly formed bruise, these burgundy pieces are rich in tone and vibrancy.  I find burgundy a perfect color for fall… and I guess Maurizio Pecararo Roksanda Ilincic, and No. 21 do too (respectively)


John Richmond, Alexander Wang, Alberta Ferretti 

As white as the snow that has not and shall not (god willingly) fall, these white suits are crisp and fitted in all the right places.  While all three show structured shoulders and the obvious whiteness factor, nothing else is the same.  Nothing I tell you!  None of these are designed by the same designer, none of the pant legs fall the same length, none of them are even cinched avec a button the same!  It’s really quite innovative taking white and a suit and making such masterpieces.  Bravo. 


No. 21, Maurizio Pecoraro, Acne

One of my favorite looks imaginable, and not only because my mother’s suits from the 80’s have this trend written all over them, the mono-colored two piece is daring and distinct.  You really cannot go wrong by sticking to one color.  I personally prefer breaking away from single color concerning the shoes and bag, but apparently Maurizio Pecoraro didn’t feel quite the same way so hey, do that too if you so wish to but I rather you don’t.  


Lela Rose, Prada, Gucci

Like the good old fashioned Chiquita Banana commercial’s dancers, these three lovely ladies who I am not sure are actually lovely or not are sporting mono-print two-pieces. Therefore, they took the mono-color look one step yonder and popped out some serious looks.  That girl over there on the right may or may not be working the pajama-chic look. And that look there in the middle? Yeah, I’m gonna obtain that shoes and all. Wait but let’s discuss Prada for a sec, because Miuccia Prada seriously killed it. Gasp.


Abigail Stewart, Alberta Ferretti, No. 21

Uber risque but equally beautiful, these three looks are amongst many sheer designs that walked down the runway.  Yep, there were a lot of nipples this season.  Because nipples are a trend in their own.  And we all have them.  Anyway, the petite dresses looked darling with capped sheer sleeves and even sheer trim down at the bottom.  A daring yet classy trend.  The only problem is fall=cold=…..


Alexander Wang, No. 21., No. 21

Another trend that makes me appreciate my mother’s closet of wonders, high mid slit skirts are taking over.  So watch out plain pencil skirts.  What is exciting about these skirts is that a slit works with a narrow skirt, with a flared skirt, and even with a tutu though that may be a little S&M.  The slit skirt works with the bulky top (see first look), with a clean button-down mono-color OR mono-print top. Business women and the like get your butts ready for fall.


Alexander Wang, Burberry Prorsum, John Richmond 

And now it is time to thank my Grandmother because her closet takes this one.  The movement of these fringe adorned pieces down the runway is incomparable.  Think shag rug made out of silk. Yeah. It’s that good.


Alexander Wang, Fabiola, Gucci 

Here’s a trend that I don’t think could ever die.  What skirt doesn’t want a feather or two or five hundred? And what hat doesn’t want to look like a peacock (think Sex and the City the Movie)?  Like fringe, the movement of feathers really makes a statement.  A cocktail dress, a jumper, or a skirt.  I’ll take all three.


Burberry Prorsum, Gucci, Roksanda Ilincic

I’m not sure but I may have to declare this one my almost favorite and it’s not because of its affiliation to Seinfeld yes it is.  The puffy sleeve has a very romantic look to it.  I’m missing the jumper with puffy sleeve look because that one would be a serious score.  The puffy sleeve makes you look like a heavy-on-the-top light-on-the-bottom kind of girl, and we’re not talking chest.  The silhouette just simply works.  And you may be able to catch enough wind to fly.


Moschino Cheap & Chic, Peter Pilotto, Burberry Prorsum

Probably the most glorious of all is the eyeball trend.  Blink your eyes and think about that one for a second.  While you may not see the truth in this declaration other than Moschino Cheap & Chic’s literal eyeball print (which is pure genius), that owl sure has some big eyes, and Pilotto’s pattern looks pretty face-like to me (note the two eyes on her lower abdomen).  I think I’ve just proved my point.  May the world be walking with eyeball-chic clothes come fall.

That’s a wrap.

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