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Whether I am trying to come up with the perfect concept for an art project, doing a pull, or styling, my mind is always consistently screwy. I've decided to intensify this screwiness by doing an artist/stylist mashup to merge my two worlds. No one ever said there was anything wrong with a wedge inspired by Picasso. A frequent post comparing an outfit to a masterpiece? Hell yes.

A serious appreciator/wannabe of Yayoi Kusama.

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Magic across the pond

And now it is time for me to catch my breath and virtually race on over to London just before Italy says ‘ciao’.  I can’t help but ache for amazing coats and preppy-yet-still-artsy and quirky designs all of which I could image myself walking along a rainy Londonion road wearing.  Get your umbrellas.  Or at least get your glasses and read on to see my London picks.


Here we see some pieces I wouldn’t mind taking home with me. Roksanda Ilincic’s geometric and deliciously shoulder-capped furry collection is marked with beautiful details on dresses, jumpsuits, baggy pants and the like.  The deep hues with those yellow shoes. Borderline die. Ilincic really knows how to get this girl excited.  I especially appreciate a really puffy sleeve think Seinfeld Puffy Shirt episode circa 1993. May that series live on forever.


Acne is sometimes a good thing when it is all over your body.  Jonny Johansson’s inspiration was Hans Bellmer (art in fashion, I tell ya!) and has stated that the theme of his collection is “body art”.  I drool over the thick very mid century modern belts, sleek burgundy suits, puffy colorful sweaters, baggy patterned pants but most of all the outerwear.  Get me inside one of those coats! While Bellmer doesn’t exactly come across in my eyes, other than the fact that he is 1) dealing with the female specimen and 2) doing some serious puffy sh*t, I do love a great art inspiration in any collection and wherever Johansson sees it, I nod my head.  Because this man just handed me a great future style curation, should I be given any of said pieces (look 10, anyone?). 


Erdem’s collection really embodies that London-look for me.  Can’t you see yourself strolling down Regent Street in any single one of these getups?  And it helps that Erdem Moralioglu had my girl Peggy Guggenheim in mind while creating this collection. The little-boy-with-erect-penis sculpture by Marino Marini at the Peggy Guggenheim, Venice is a classicWhile Erdem usually leans toward a feminine-flare in his collections, we see some bad ass moves on his runway.  Acidic yellows, kaleidoscopic patterns and an insane amount of texture and use of line and silouette really puts Erdem on the map of most daring and most successful shows this season. Does that middle yellow dress remind anyone of a certain Honor dress from New York? Clearly there’s a trend here.  Yellow knee-length streamline dresses for Fall anyone?


Mary Katrantzou can do no wrong in my eyes.  Katrantzou’s collection is one of the few that tells a story for me—corrupted child turns princess fairy returning to bad ass.  The detail in the patterns, and the volume in the pieces really is what stands out here. First let’s discuss line.  From full astronaut-suited shoulders and ever-so-popular peplum evening-wear to the baby-doll-like mid-thigh-length dresses, I see a very whimsical girly fairy-tale like look going on and I like it.  And dare we forget those head-to-toe single print outfits (cue looks 10 and 21).  That for sure would get a good number of passerby dizzy.

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