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Whether I am trying to come up with the perfect concept for an art project, doing a pull, or styling, my mind is always consistently screwy. I've decided to intensify this screwiness by doing an artist/stylist mashup to merge my two worlds. No one ever said there was anything wrong with a wedge inspired by Picasso. A frequent post comparing an outfit to a masterpiece? Hell yes.

A serious appreciator/wannabe of Yayoi Kusama.

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The Layering Guru

Last week we lost one of the ultimate contemporary artists of our time, Mike Kelley.  His art, among many other adjectives, was and is innovative and fresh.  Represented by Gagosian Gallery, Kelley’s artwork is a big deal among the big dealers and among students who seek for that deep dark side in art like my deep dark self.  What the young contemporary artists-in-training seek to do, Kelley has already done: his kitschy philosophically-loaded works make us reminiscent of our pasts, aroused by the present, and ravaged by the possibility and unsureness of the future.  If you doubt his geniusness which isn’t a word but at the same time is the perfect word, why didn’t you think of shitting on stuffed animals? Think about that.


Eviscerated Corpse (1989)- courtesy of Art Institute of Chicago

Marilyn Minter referred to his genius creations as “mining a thirteen year old’s bedroom” but really it’s like mining my bedroom today.


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The patterns, the baby ballerina bun, not really the shoes, and the pink o’ plenty is all an ode to Mike Kelley. So are the knots on my shirts which are equivalent to three nipples.

And every time you but mostly I throw clothes on in a clashy yet systematic way—try “layering”—you are taking a page out of Mike Kelley’s book of art.  R.I.P.