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Whether I am trying to come up with the perfect concept for an art project, doing a pull, or styling, my mind is always consistently screwy. I've decided to intensify this screwiness by doing an artist/stylist mashup to merge my two worlds. No one ever said there was anything wrong with a wedge inspired by Picasso. A frequent post comparing an outfit to a masterpiece? Hell yes.

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Getting swanky in a suit

A trend I am really loving right now that popped up on runways round Europe: a good ol’ suit.  There is seldom better than a suit, whether it be hanging on a wall all felt n’ shit, on a super tall model rocking the Céline Pre-Fall runway, or on you or me, though we do prefer the former because well, you are cooler than me.


Céline Pre-Fall 2012 (photo credit

Let’s get down to business because you and I both know that these said suits you see at the recent runway shows came from none other than an artist first.  This one goes to Joseph Beuys because he is the genius who thought to hang a felt suit on a wall and call it art.  I thought of it first, but we’ll credit him because it was 1970 and I was but a brilliant egg.


Joseph Beuys Felt Suit, 1970

Two other designers with particularly cool runway suit moments include Alexander Wang (dududuh), a little Giles for shock value, and a number from Mary Katrantzou’s Spring-Summer 2012 collection because color is hot hot hot and you know, it’s not even February.




Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2012 (top), Giles Pre-Fall 2012 (middle), Mary Katrantzou Spring-Summer 2012 (bottom).

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