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Whether I am trying to come up with the perfect concept for an art project, doing a pull, or styling, my mind is always consistently screwy. I've decided to intensify this screwiness by doing an artist/stylist mashup to merge my two worlds. No one ever said there was anything wrong with a wedge inspired by Picasso. A frequent post comparing an outfit to a masterpiece? Hell yes.

A serious appreciator/wannabe of Yayoi Kusama.

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Spring break is right around the corner

It’s the end of January so, let’s face it, we’re nearing Spring Break and it is time to get yo plans on.  I’m thinking Miami? Venice Beach? Either way I am doing it and I am doing it with COLOR.  Not to be cliche, but we all know that the all mighty Andy has won artists and fashionistas and the like over with his keen sense of design and innovative use of color.  And thus, it is time for me to pay tribute.

And because we all need a lil’ Marilyn in our lives, whether in cinema or in blog form…


Andy Warhol Marilyn Diptych, 1960

The color, the evident and perfect mistakes… 


Shoes Michael van der ham, tee Marc Jacobs, pants Rag & Bone, bag Proenza Schouler, clutch Marni, necklace Dannijo

Mistakes? Don’t worry, Andy, just check my accessory and clothing selections… THOSE are perfect mistakes.

note: don’t forget to cut that tee up or do a little penis knot at the bottom

Dark and handsome


Klea McKenna After Rain, 2009

No guys here, but this female photographer knows whats up.  Klea McKenna finds the beauty and abstraction in nature via photography.  I’m into it.  If you look at her work you will find a confusion of color and shape.  These mindfuck of shapes inspired an outfit, naturally

top Dolce & Gabanna, necklace Dannijo, pants Thakoon, shoes Alexander Wang, clutch Marni (all photos courtesy of Net-A-Porter)

This is so unlike me, no color other than the soles of shoes? Terrifying.  However, print upon print that looks like vomit lacey-fab together is right up my dark back alley.  Don’t forget to tuck the front of the shirt in and let the back hang low like a truely faux tuxedo.

Getting swanky in a suit

A trend I am really loving right now that popped up on runways round Europe: a good ol’ suit.  There is seldom better than a suit, whether it be hanging on a wall all felt n’ shit, on a super tall model rocking the Céline Pre-Fall runway, or on you or me, though we do prefer the former because well, you are cooler than me.


Céline Pre-Fall 2012 (photo credit

Let’s get down to business because you and I both know that these said suits you see at the recent runway shows came from none other than an artist first.  This one goes to Joseph Beuys because he is the genius who thought to hang a felt suit on a wall and call it art.  I thought of it first, but we’ll credit him because it was 1970 and I was but a brilliant egg.


Joseph Beuys Felt Suit, 1970

Two other designers with particularly cool runway suit moments include Alexander Wang (dududuh), a little Giles for shock value, and a number from Mary Katrantzou’s Spring-Summer 2012 collection because color is hot hot hot and you know, it’s not even February.




Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2012 (top), Giles Pre-Fall 2012 (middle), Mary Katrantzou Spring-Summer 2012 (bottom).

So 15th c Masaccio painting, no? #stylecurator (Taken with instagram)

So 15th c Masaccio painting, no? #stylecurator (Taken with instagram)

Louis Kusama

…Is the love child of Louis Vuitton and Yayoi Kusama and perhaps what I will name my first born.

Let’s put it this way.  I die for am a huge fan of Yayoi Kusama’s work, and as a studio art student, I am highly influenced by her mental oddities creativity.  Her polka dots are inspirational. And her mirrored rooms are an interior decorating dream spatially phenom.

She has just checked trend-setter on her list of achievements.  Marc Jacobs, got bless his SS 10 RTW collection, has taken on Yayoi Kusama as a collaborator for LV designs.  I don’t mean to flip my hair but I thought of this oh, a year or so ago.  I win.


Polka dots a-plenty.  I commend you, Yayoi.

And now for the greatest pose in the history of [now] fashion… 


Work those polkadots, girl.  Reminds me of…THIS.

And when I said I was getting ready, I did not mean to go out, but rather to sit in my kitchen drinking and completing wine. Happiest of happies.  (Taken with instagram)

And when I said I was getting ready, I did not mean to go out, but rather to sit in my kitchen drinking and completing wine. Happiest of happies. (Taken with instagram)

Style and art you need to ring in the new year

Because it is going to be 2012 and because I am procrastinating getting ready, it is time for a long a meaningful post from your’s truly.  What do you need to start a new 366 (we will be leaping this year) days other than an offensively vintage dress, dangerously pointy shoes, and a ridiculous amount of accessories?  I’ll tell you, NOTHING.  So Gauguin is going to help me, and by law of transitivity, he is going to help you too.  Don’t understand how? Well then you should probably read my older posts and you’ll get the idea asshole.


Gauguin, Manao Tapapau (Spirit of the Dead Watching), 1892

So we start with this Gauguin.  It’s not so much about the context of this picture—it is a prostitute and I am for sure not a prostitute—as it is about the colors and the raw beauty of woman.  We are not going naked to our NYE parties my friends, however, we are using this lovely purple and this sexy gaze to excite nobody because do we care about that midnight kiss from a dude? No, we don’t.  And her friend in the back there will for sure be present.


dress vintage

And next we turn to me.  See the similarities? I command you to say “yes.”  We here are seeing me, the Matryoshka doll (a.k.a. my stand-in spirit) but even more so, pleats.  Accordian pleats.  And that is all that matters.  Purple accordian pleats, courtesy of my mother as many of my key pieces are because I am from the 80s at heart, are necessary to ring in the new year.  Why? Because.


shoes Tods, necklace Dannijo, rings Dannijo and vintage, bracelets vintage x 3, Hermes, earrings Fallon

And so are pointy shoes. And a peter pan necklace.  In case you want to go off on a tangent and rep Peter Pan.  He was cool and was played by a female, Mary Martin in the classic version and only version that really matters.  

But back to Gauguin.  The purple of the dress is taken from the base color of the painting.  I appreciate the uses of contrasting colors in the quilt on which the young girl lies.  The painting has an extremely claustrophobic feel to it.  The girl is distressed, and what is a more perfect word to describe NYE?   

And just for my digits’ sake, we turn to my rings.  And though this is not Chinese New Year, the dragon is in the building.  Don’t forget metallic nails or your mid-finger bling.

And with that, have a happy and safe New Year, you little curators!

Trying to think of a way to incorporate this Cattelan into my next outfit. A true style curation challenge.  (Taken with instagram)

Trying to think of a way to incorporate this Cattelan into my next outfit. A true style curation challenge. (Taken with instagram)

Where are my feet? Very Madame Vigée Le Brun #pantsthatdisguiseextremities (Taken with instagram)

Where are my feet? Very Madame Vigée Le Brun #pantsthatdisguiseextremities (Taken with instagram)

How to turn this sunny day into a starry night

On this post-Christmas day, many peeps are feeling the blues.  They want the day to be over and done with because, well, jingle bells will continue to nonesensically play has played its last time on the radio and the tree is looking rather bare without any presents under it.  It is the second to last night of Hanukkah and it hurts.  So I’m ending this day early by making it into a Starry Night.

Van Gogh, Starry Night, 1889

I love you hate you for thinking that I am corny.  I’m not.  Starry Night is just a classic.  Its more than a classic.  It has influenced mass produced marketed items, including souveneir mugs and rulers (which isn’t cool), but even more so, its colors and patterns have influenced fashion.  This is no lie.  Peek at below image.


Rodarte S/S 2012 RTW (courtesy of

When I say that art influences style, I’m not being as literal as Rodarte here mostly because I don’t have the power or money to create clothes of such design, though I do commend the Mulleavy sisters for taking a hint from the masterpieces of Van Gogh.  I wake up and consider a masterpiece and it’s colors and its mindfucking design and that is what leads me to combining one color or pattern with another.  Hey, some leopard here or there to hit the colors and textures I see in the painting never hurt no one.


hat San Diego Hat Co., necklace Dannijo, shirts Topshop, French Connection, belt J.Crew, jeans JBrand, shoes Stubbs and Wootton, rings Dannjio, Modcloth, Mom’s, vintage x 2, bracelets Hermes, vintage x 2, watch Rolex.

Now is that a starry night on my right foot or is that a starry night?!